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Nicole and Neil’s Engagement Shoot

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything but I was approached to do an engagement shoot recently(which is outside of my normal wheelhouse) and it went so well I figured I would post […]

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Live Post from Barcelona: Some travel Tips

Hola! I’m been in Barcelona for the past week and took plenty of pictures of this beautiful city ill share once I get home and process them, but i wanted to share some info while on the […]

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Long Exposure Ep 1 -Introduction to Long Exposure

Long exposure is my absolute favorite shooting technique! It allows you to capture something very different than what you are seeing with your eyes. If you’ve ever seen beautiful night-scapes or silky smooth waterfalls, you […]

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“Sunset Over the Plains” Tutorial

  This week’s post is a video tutorial which shows the transformation process behind my piece “Sunset Over the Plains.” This shot was taken in Iceland in early March of 2016. I was driving around […]

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The Big 3- ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture

So you got yourself a fancy DSLR and you’ve been using it on the Auto setting. Once you’ve developed your comfort with composition, it’s time to graduate to shooting in manual mode and unleash the true power of […]

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Learning the Basics-Composition

  Some believe that photography is simply taking a picture of something, and that notion is strengthened even more on my area of preference, landscape photography. It is often viewed as just being in the […]

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